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Proper estate planning is essential to preserve your assets and ensure your testamentary wishes are fulfilled upon your death. Good estate plans take into consideration your current financial situation, as well as your plans for distributing your assets to loved ones.

For more than 30 years, Minneapolis attorney Jonathan M. Burris of the Burris Law Offices, PLLC, has been assisting clients throughout Minnesota with their estate planning needs. Attorney Burris and his network of like-minded specialist attorneys and support staff are committed to understanding your situation, explaining your options, and helping you prepare a plan that meets your goals.

Is A Will Or Trust Right For You?

The two most common documents used to protect assets and record wishes for their distribution are wills and trusts:

  • A will is a legal document that specifies the management of one’s assets after his or her death.
  • A trust is a legal arrangement in which the original asset-holder (trustmaker) gives control of his or her assets, to an entity they create and control, or to someone else (trustee) for the benefit of individuals or entities they name in the trust agreement. The beneficiaries may be the trustmakers themselves, or people or institutions, depending on the type of trust and the trustmaker’s wishes.

In some circumstances, a basic will is enough to legally designate beneficiaries or appoint a guardian for children. More complex estates, however, will likely benefit from a trust. Whether you are a young spouse just starting out in a marriage or a middle-aged adult who is preparing for your elder years, we can assist you in choosing the document that will best meet your needs.

Additionally, we offer experienced advice and counsel regarding the language in your will or the type of trust you need. Unclear directions can leave too much ambiguity, which may cause legal problems during the administration of your estate. We can help eliminate these potential issues by drafting solid documents to protect your estate.

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