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The division of property in probate, or the distribution of assets or management of a trust does not always go smoothly. Sometimes family members have reason to believe undue influence was exerted when their loved one wrote or changed their will. Most often, however, probate and trust disputes are related to perceived errors or mismanagement.

If you believe errors were made during probate, such as presenting the wrong or an invalid will, mis-valuation of assets, fraud, nonpayment of appropriate debts or over-payments, miscalculation during asset division, or other probate or trust administration errors, the Burris Law Offices, PLLC, can help you bring your complaint to court.

Weathering the Stormy Seas

For more than 30 years, Minneapolis estate settlement lawyer Jonathan Burris has helped beneficiaries, executors, estate administrators and trustees who are accused of malfeasance or mismanagement resolve disputes. Contact our Minneapolis law office for a no charge initial consultation to learn more about our probate litigation, estate settlement and trust administration services. We represent clients in Minnesota and out-of-state clients involved in Minnesota estate and trust matters.

Reliable Counsel From An Experienced Minnesota Trust Administration Lawyer

In some circumstances, a deceased person previously moved all of his or her assets into a trust. If this is the case, the trust must be put into action in a process called trust settlement. This is where the trust’s assets and liabilities are efficiently and privately determined, and the purposes the trust are put into effect.

Trusts are often complicated documents, requiring careful review to ensure they are distributed accurately, complying with both the deceased’s wishes and state and federal regulations. As an attorney experienced with trust administration, Jonathan Burris is prepared to examine trust documents with the utmost scrutiny, assisting with distribution matters and carrying out the trustmaker’s intentions, while you focus on the needs of your loved ones during your time of grief.

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Whether you are involved in an estate settlement dispute or have concerns involving trust administration, our law firm is ready to support your legal needs. Contact the Burris Law Offices, PLLC , in Minneapolis, to schedule a no charge initial consultation. We look forward to serving you.